it takes ten seconds to tag something and forty five minutes to hours to calm down from a panic attack. think about that for a second 

and totally feel comfortable enough to ask me to tag something that bothers you bc there are so many things that trigger people that i wouldn’t even think about and i’m sorry if i do that but let me know!

Please tell me if you need something tagged. Please please please. I will without any hesitation.

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Anonymous: Are there really people fucked up enough to "dress up" as Trayvon Martin or Mike Brown?? I'm sorry I don't mean to bother you but if people are really doing that I just don't know what to say. That would be the most disgusting and disrespectful thing I could think of.







hell yeah look at this shit






let this a reminder to why white people make me sick and why i dislike them. this year, these crackers will do the same thing with mike brown. this is why i’m so angry. this shit must end.

I swear to GOD if I ever catch somebody wearing that shit


this disgusts me

Punch all people who do this shit in their fucking racist faces 2k14

I almost don’t even want to reblog this it’s so sick and horrifying. How must his family feel?? Ugh.




Dear everyone ever.

You can not be anti-hunting whilst also go fishing with your mates.
It’s the same fucking thing.

Everyone else.

Can’t you catch and release fish? I don’t think you can shoot a deer and then release it…

About 30-60% of fish caught and released with die within a week. Even if the fish survives, it is stressful and painful. Fish show behavioral and physiological cues that indicate pain perception is highly likely.

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don’t romanticize basic rights 
it’s not attractive that a man is a feminist 
it’s not sexy that a man finally realizes the prejudice against women and how very oppressed women are 
it’s common sense

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So I’m at my moms house and my moms friend/cleaning lady came this morning and wanted to meet Sage. Immediately she started on the subject of vaccines because my mom told her that I’m not doing it. She shared with me her own personal experience with her two children who are both autistic. She said…

It has been scientifically been proven hundreds of times that vaccines and autism do not even have a correlation. The only reason why kids are diagnosed with autism and parents flock towards the vaccine scapegoat, is that the ages that those two events occur ARE THE SAME TIME. Vaccines are why we don’t have polo, measles, and even the small pox in our country anymore. However, with the no vaccine trend, measles has sky rocketed, which puts hundreds, if not thousands of people, including children, at risk. Autism Spectrum disorder is known to be genetic, if anything, and can come completely randomly, even if a child has a history of being open and talking. Simply because a child is ‘on track’ in certain categories, does not mean they will never be diagnosed with autism. The only reason why children should not be vaccinated, are because they are allergic, that is all. As well, those children who are allergic VASTLY depend on being surrounded by healthy people, and if we are surrounding them with unhealthy people, that will just bring back hundreds of dormant illness that we have ‘defeated’ through medical progress. 

51pegasii: A girl in my school has dreads and she's white, what are your thoughts on white people with dreads? because I've heard really mixed views on them from numerous people black and white I'm black and I have an blood uncle with dreadlocks. In the past I'd never had a problem with white people wearing dreads but I can see how some people view it as appropriation I'm sort of against it but very confused! Help?


I think it’s disgusting and I stay clear from any yt who has them, because I know for sure they aren’t clean with their hair looking like that.

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